Monday, October 27, 2008

RAIny Day

This is a rainy day in Kerala. Its a fantastic season in Kerala where one can just admire mother nature every bit by bit. It is indeed a God's Own Country.


The trip to middle and northern India was really exiting. And the most exiting place was Benares, one of the old cities of India. Being from a city that has wide roads, shopping malls and etc. ...I felt Benares ( i prefer to call Benares 'coz i like the name, which is presently Varanasi) too small, too congested...too unique by its own way. It is actually a pilgrimage spot and mostly visited in old age. But i say its truly a feast for artists.

Smoking Is Injurious To Health

I'm a great fan of Rajnikant even from childhood... but does his actions deserve a hero worship? I understand all his actions are imitated by young boys, who are ignorant about the consequences. Though this video was made for fun.. isn't things happening in reality are pretty serious...

Bird & spider

A 2D work...done in Macromedia Flash MX. This was not done with any theme in mind. I started to practise the use of symbols in flash...and thus was result.


Pen & Ink.
This is a copied work from the same illustartion book from which my last post was made. I added a color to indian ink, then spreaded the color with a wet brush when the ink was dry. THis is again a work from my college days.

cHaRGing ElePHanTs

Pen and ink work.

This sketch was done when i was in college.. Its is a copied work from an illustration book.. ofcourse i can't sketch when elephants are charging towards me. ;-)