Friday, January 11, 2013


Hi all, Wishing a great new year to all.
I know i haven't posted anything last year.. 
shame on me...but i got busier with a lot of things here..

Few months back, I was involved in developing games 

for a French garbage recycling plant. The game was 
developed to educate the children on waste management. 

I have posted few graphics that i 

designed for the game. Pls do give me your comments.

The games are for kids 
aged 2 to 7 yrs.

The games are up now on their site:



chammu really inresting one..i want to see some more grt works frm u..i know 2012 u gone thru really busy work lets make this year a woderful one..:)

mohan Udgiri said...

cool ! Its really nice to see your work after long it freelancing
or you are working at somewhere.